Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Metro’s first train to arrive in March 2008

The Roads and Transport Authority’s Rail Agency has announced that the manufacturing of trains for Dubai Metro is well on schedule in Japan. The first train will be delivered in March 2008.
Rail Agency’s Director of Construction Adnan Hammadi said, “As scheduled, each train will be approximately 85 metres long, 2.78 metres wide and 3.86 metres high with five cars, 3 motor cars and 2 trailer cars.”
“The train equipment tests commenced in June 2007 at their respective suppliers’ premises, mainly in Japan, as well as in France and Germany. These tests were carried out in order to ensure that the train and its equipments are compliant with the project specifications and international best practices as well as fit for local environmental conditions,” he said.
The first train will be ready by October 2007 after which it will be delivered to Dubai for testing and commissioning, starting in March 2008.
Altogether 44 sets will be delivered for the Red Line to commence revenue service in September 2009