Saturday, 8 December 2007

Dubai property prospects are more appealing

As fast as the market is moving and as fast as new residents arrive in Dubai so more news emerges about the property market, investment returns and potential, mortgages and title deeds in the UAE.

This article brings you some of the latest property news from Dubai to keep you up dated and to ensure that all your buying decisions are fully informed.

The title law situation in the UAE is believed to be moving ever closer to resolution. The current unsatisfactory state remains that while it is not illegal for a foreigner to hold freehold title it is neither explicitly legal. Experts in the UAE property market agree that 2005 will be the year that a federal property law is finally passed to back up Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom’s 2002 decree to allow foreigners the right to own freehold title in Dubai.

The passing of the law will be yet another booster to the already booming market and will provide increased consumer and investor confidence in the market in Dubai. Most see the passing of the law as simply tidying up loose ends, they do not see it as a momentous occurrence as they implicitly trust the statements relating to foreign freehold ownership rights that have been issued by Dubai government officials and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Al Abbar.

The finance deals and mortgages available in Dubai are slowly improving and developing as the mortgage market matures. Local and international lenders are looking to increase lending, and it is believed that as the Dubai International Financial Centre attracts more financial institutions to the Emirate so diversification in the market, mortgage choice and competition for customers will benefit the consumer and keep interest rates stable.

At the moment those looking for financial assistance with property purchase are sincerely advised to shop around because fees and rates can be quite high and some lenders can be more or less flexible than others. Furthermore, those seeking assistance should try to have a mortgage at least agreed in principle before placing a deposit on their preferred property to avoid any disappointment.

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has attracted massive early interest and it is expected that all the world’s leading financial players will seek to establish a presence there. There have already been some properties released for sale within the Centre and there are expected to be significant further developments of luxury apartments. Judging by the nature and price of property in the financial districts of New York, London and Tokyo, property within the Centre and surrounding districts are expected to command the highest price per square foot of all property in Dubai and the rental potential of such property is also expected to be massive according to property experts in Dubai.