Sunday, 26 July 2009

Emirates Financial Tower - July 26 Construction Update

Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
The proposed development on Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC Plot CP-06)

will be a mixed development with 61,300 sqm of Gross Floor Area, and over a million square feet of gross building area.

The massing of the project will consist of two towers linked by a tubular glass sky bridge. Both almost identical towers will sit on a four-storey podium and a four-storey basement. The podium will comply with the master plan for DIFC in that it will be physically attached to the neighboring plot as well as the retail mall. Below ground, the basements are intended to allow links to the central services, parking and services along the central spine of DIFC.

The elliptical plan profile will allow the shape of the towers to appear different depending on the angle at which the development is viewed from. The sky bridge will also be a distinct feature both from within and beyond the development.

The Towers and Sky Bridge
The two towers are elliptical in plan profile and identical in height. Both towers, each twenty seven-storeys high, will be commercial offices. Piercing the two towers at the 18th floor is the glass tubular sky bridge, which will house a commercial club.

The Podium
The podium and basement will contain the retail component and parking for the entire development. This parking will be able to accommodate four hundred cars.

Part of the podium abutting the retail spine is designed as terraces that will allow light, air and greenery into the retail elements. This will allow opportunities to enliven the retail experience with waterfalls, landscaped features, natural light and outdoor activities such as al fresco dining.

The sensuous and aerodynamic curves of the tower will complement yet distinguish itself from the hard edge buildings increasingly common in the competitive Dubai Skyline. The sculptural profile of the elliptical towers, the sky bridge, and the distinct angles of tower tops will allow the development to define its presence and identity while adding and complementing Dubai's already impressive skyline and cityscape