Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ajman and Dubai to be linked by Water Taxi service

The Ajman Municipality, together with Dubai RTA, plans to launch the water taxi service to link the two emirates. The Ajman Municipality had submitted a proposal regarding this to the RTA, which promptly accepted the joint project.

Ajman-Dubai Water Taxi service will get operational by the beginning of next year, with one million commuters expected to be transported annually.

About 30 percent of water taxi project has been completed at present. The first phase of the project will cost Dh.30million, and the RTA has so far approved 17 stops from Ajman. The first phase will include 10 stops, while the second will include 17, apart from the stops in Ajman.

In Ajman, the Municipality has chosen two locations to construct taxi stops – the Ajman Corniche and the Fish Market. The stops will be easily accessible to commuters from several pasts of the emirate and will be equipped with all necessities such as air-conditioning and vender machines, seats for snacks and soft drinks.

The project aims to develop the areas around the taxi stops, in which restaurants, cafeterias and other outlets will be constructed to attract investors. Booking services will also be available through phones. Commuters can hire taxis from the stops, or they could be rented for tourism purposes between the two emirates.

The project will also help ease traffic congestion between the emirates and is hoped to boost tourism.