Friday, 16 January 2009

Villa in Ajman - Q&A

Q: I am thinking of buying a villa in Ajman, a 2 bed for USD 200k.
Does this Seem to be a good deal? How far is Ajman from Dubai and is Ajman far from the beach?

A: Villa for that price looks good. Again, the developer and research is important. If it's for investing 3 BDR villas do better provided you can stretch yourself a little bit more.

Villas in Ajman should do well. Ajman should be 30 kms and yes Ajman has a coastline. Need to see if villas are beach front. For that price, I don't think so.

A lot is happening in Ajman.

I read this in a book.....Always buy in an area where growth is coming. If you are a little early or little wrong, the growth will take care of it. If you invest in an area where growth has been and growth is not continuing, then when you are wrong, you are wrong forever.

Ajman is an emerging market and an early entry will not hurt especially with Villas.