Tuesday, 20 January 2009

8 things you must do in Dubai

Dubai Museum
This museum is located at Al Fahidi Fort. This was built in 1787 and has served as a palace, garrison and prison. In 1970, it was converted to a novel and creatively conceptualized museum depicting Dubai’s history.

Dubai Mosques
Jumeirah Mosque is one of the biggest and beautiful mosques in Dubai and is resplendent of modern Islamic architecture. The mosque is built of stone in medieval Fatimid tradition with twin minarets and a majestic dome. The Grand Mosque is another beautiful mosque with the tallest minaret at 70 meters. The Grand Mosque has 45 small domes and 9 large domes.

Heritage & Dining Villages
You can go back in time and experience some of Dubai's heritage. The heritage village located near the mouth of the Creek has potters and weavers working on their pearling crafts, along with dancers, Arabic restaurants and many other traditional pursuits.

Dubai Zoo
The zoo in Jumeirah is home to a variety of animals alongside native Arabian animals, which include the Arabian Wolf. Also there is a huge aviary.

This is a must-see amusement and water park for kids. It has a host of water rides, speed slides, a roller coaster etc. In addition, there is a water mist show and water cinema which is an exciting experience.

Magic Planet
This is a splendid and exciting children's recreation zone. It is filled with fairground rides, bowling alleys, electronic games and a mini golf course.

Encounter Zone
It is another kids’ zone, and is situated in Wafi Shopping Mall. Encounter Zone offers many rides, games, the Crystal Maze horror chamber, simulated rides etc.

Wild Wadi
Situated next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is the 12-acre water park filled with exciting rides, wave pools and a host of water fun for all ages. The park is set in an ancient theme of Arabia.