Monday, 24 November 2008

Cost of living in Dubai


Dubai is generally a very expensive city. Some of the goods provided in Dubai, such as vegetables, computers and cars, are cheaper in the UEA than elsewhere due to the tax free zones. Visits to the doctor (especially those which are state run) and gas are also inexpensive. Prices for groceries are about the same as in Canada, Australia and European members like the UK. To rent a house or an apartment can be more expensive than it would be in another country, so is a visit to the hairdresser.

Those who come to Dubai to live and work should try and get an employment package that includes a housing allowance. For a fully furnished studio you have to calculate 6.250 Dh per month (approximately 1.350 €), for an unfurnished two bedroom apartment 6.700 Dh per month (1.400 €), for an unfurnished three bedroom apartment 7.900 Dh per month (1.700 €) and for a villa in the region around Midriff 8.400 Dh per month (1.800 €). On top of this there is an amount of approximately 420 € per person needed for maintenance.

A three course meal with drinks is around 110 Dh or 24 € and a bottle of beer (which is only available in hotel bars and restaurants) costs 18 Dh or nearly 4 €.