Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Dubai Property Options - IPOD style development

iPod style development - New development authority of Dubai has decided to build a structure that resembles an iPod Mp3 player. Known by the name of "The Pad Dubai", this building is located in Dubai Business Bay.

Omniyat properties of Dubai presented a model of this project, which has 230 apartments, at Dubai's International Property Show which was held from 3rd to 5th of April, 2007. These apartments will acquire Almasa Holdings which is a brand name in IT and Real Estate Markets, and is the parent name of Omniyat Properties. Authorities had decided that this building would include lofts, one and two- bedroom apartments and studio apartments. This is a 9 million AED property project and the minimum area available to the buyer is 581 sq.feet. According to property realtors in Dubai, 1 bed room set in these apartment will cost 362,372 US dollars, 2 bed room apartments will cost 901,158 US dollars, whereas studios will cost about 343,688 US dollars. Recently, similar 2 bedroom apartments in the Business Bay Area were sold for 550,000 US dollars by the Corporate Finance House.

Features of The Pad:

• The living rooms and dining rooms will be rotating 360 degrees so that one can admire the beauty of nearby water front and landscapes.

• Beautiful sights of the outer world can be enjoyed from the windows.

• Facility of video conferencing in the dining rooms.

• Lighting will adjust according to your mood and will respond to your telephone calls as well.

• Modern equipments provided for a healthy living.

The ultra modern style of room rotation is derived from Luigi Colani of Germany. In recent years, this method has been developed for aesthetic reasons rather than as a space saving device. The developer has planned to use rotating double beds in all apartments and make use of robotic features for robot vacuum cleaning.

There are many facilities listed for its residents which include parking spaces, retail areas, under water concert, Jacuzzi, aerobics section, basket ball court, etc.

Rotating tower for the first time in Dubai Property Market

For the first time in the history of Dubai real estate, rotating towers which resemble high skyscrapers have been introduced by the Dubai Property Ring. World Real Estate authority of Dubai had granted UK based developers to build 30 story rotating apartments. These apartments will require the power of 20 electric motors to rotate 360 degree in a week's time. Nick Cooper, a British engineer working with MG Bennet and Associate of Rotherham, has been employed for the project.

Mr. Cooper was involved with drilling tunnels between London and Paris that allowed a free passage of Eurostar trains under the English Channel. In 1966, a part of London's post office tower which was a restaurant, was made rotating. The idea of complete rotation of a building on its axis was really a novel one at that time. The British technology of rotation is being used after half a century on Arabic land. The rotating tower under construction in Dubai has a crescent moon lounge at its top. The future residents of this building can admire the scenic beauty of 23 rotating buildings which are to be built in future by Dubai Property Ring.